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seat 1
Renee Wexler
California-born Renee Wexler says "I always look forward to playing against a table full of men. I'm not sure they give me the respect I deserve, but that's okay. It helps me. It benefits me greatly."

1. How did you get into poker?

2.What are "rain games"?
seat 2
Tim Waterhouse
seat 3
Dan Pugliese
Brooklyn-born Dan Pugliese says, "I've always gambled. I started gambling in grammar school, pitching pennies, flipping baseball cards, and poker probably when I was nine or ten years old. "

1. Have you noticed the increase in woman poker players?

2. Why are poker tournaments becoming so popular?
seat 4
Cong Tran
Vietnamese-born by way of Dallas Texas, Cong Tran is a veteran of numerous poker tournaments. He has an engineering degree that he currently chooses not to use, at least professionally.

1. Why do you like the Ultimate Poker Challenge tournament?

2. How do you prepare for the final table?
seat 5
David Luttbeg
$13,400 + trip
David Luttbeg is from San Diego, California. He played in both the 2004 Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas and came in 2nd, and the 2004 St Maarten Open, St. Maarten and came in 5th.  
seat 6
Daniel McGrew
Daniel McGrew is from Texas. He also has played in the Bellagio Weekly Tournaments during Jun 2004 in Las Vegas.  
seat 7
Matt Dean
Matt Dean is from Houston, Texas. He recently won some BIG money at the 2004 World Series of Poker. He prefers to play online "because it's so much easier chilling in your boxers with a pizza pocket."  
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