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seat 1
Anthony Toscany
Anthony Toscany is from Las Vegas, Nevada.  
seat 2
Todd Brunson
Texas-born Todd Brunson is the son of famed player Doyle Brunson. Todd started playing poker in college and decided to forego law school and become a professional poker player.  
seat 3
David Plastik
Las Vegas-based David Plastik has been playing professionally for many years. This last year seems like his best year on tour as he has become a force in every event he plays in.  
seat 4
Gerry Drehobl
Gerry Drehobl is the owner of a small aviation-related business in Spokane , WA. Incredibly, he began playing poker only six months ago, when he came to Las Vegas this year to play.  
seat 5
Kenna James
From Downey, California, Kenna James plays poker for his sons Jim and Spencer: "They help me to keep things in perspective so I know what really matters in life."

1. Who are you playing for today?

2.How is your seating position in today's game?
seat 6
Amir Vehedi
Born in Iran, Amir Vahedi is a Southern California-based tournament professional. Many people recognize him from the WSOP final table in 2003.  
seat 7
Dan Pugliese
Brooklyn-born Dan Pugliese says, "I've always gambled. I started gambling in grammar school, pitching pennies, flipping baseball cards, and poker probably when I was nine or ten years old. "

1. Have you noticed the increase in woman poker players?

2. Why are poker tournaments becoming so popular?
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