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Playtech most famous pokies

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Tuesday 21 March 2017 3:14 pm

Playtech casinos pokies selection

playtechStarted in 1999, PlayTech has become one of the largest casino games software developers today. PlayTech’s software offer innovative, high quality programs. Currently, there are many online casino sites using PlayTech software to offer their players highly entertaining and creative games. One of the most famous games is poker machines, or as the Australians like to call it, pokies.

Pokies are gaming machines that uses five video displays to mimic real, physical reel. Playing with these machines make you eligible for additional bonuses and secondary features, for example free games and bonus levels. PlayTech offer the widest selection of AU pokies that can be found in PlayTech powered sites, up to hundreds variety available.

Here are some of the online casino pokies selections engineered by PlayTech:

1. Spamalot Online Pokie

The game is a 5 Reel Slots with 20 Payline Pokie. It combines the Real Monty Python and the times of King Arthur. Players are required to fight their way to the top by maneuvering around the cows that are thrown at their direction. This is definitely a pokie that will make you laugh out loud.

2. Mr. Cash Back

Players can use real money or a free play mode in this online pokies game. Beginners may feel necessary to practice their skills before betting. At this 5 Reel and 15 Payline game, players can claim up to 7500 coins payout. There are more than 33 winning combinations in Mr. Cash Back, offering players a win on nearly every spin at Casino Tropez.

3. Iron Man 2 Online Pokie

Based on the infamous Marvel movie, this slot game offers you a 5 Reel Slot and 50 Payline. It showcases major characters from the movie’s specific installment, such as Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., and Mickey Rourke. This game is connected to four online progressive, so as soon as a player hit progressive, big online money win is guaranteed. The good news is that progressive rounds are automatically triggered during play, so players need not be confused. Players can also enjoy wilds, scatters, and free spins. Scatters offer 100 times multiplier feature, as well as triggering 10 free spins.

4. Pink Panther

Said to be among the funniest and most entertaining pokies ever created by PlayTech, the game greets player with a well-known Pink Panther signature theme. It then will reveal Pink leaning on a reel with many paylines skirting the reel. This game is a 5 Reel and 50 Payline slot game. It is highly popular among players due to its progressive jackpot. To reap maximum benefits, players are advised to play with maximum wager. The offered value per line is between $0.01 to $2 and a maximum of 10 credits per line. When using maximum settings, this will give you a huge sum of $800.

5. Lucky Panda

This is a game that will test your wallet with its cuteness. Released in 2016, Lucky Panda is one of the newest PlayTech games. It is set in a bamboo field with clear blue sky, and the reels are covered by bamboo. Lucky Panda is a 5 Reel, 1024 Payline pokies.

The Best Online Pokie Games

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Thursday 12 November 2015 8:36 am

Pokie games have always been a popular casino game due to their simplicity and winning percentage. Now that a lot of gambling is shifting online, the pokie or slot machines of the virtual world are gaining a lot of patrons. But there are many websites to choose from and it can be difficult to decide which the best one is, check out NZ Casino sites for best casino offers. So we have compiled a quick list of the best online slots to help you out:

images (3)Hitman Slot: This slot machine is based after the famous movie, and you will definitely love its action-packed interface. There are more than 20 paylines and that means you get a chance to make big winnings. The vast number of features will keep you completely engrossed in the game. You will find all the favorite rounds including scatter spins, free spins, wild rounds and bonus rounds in this game


images (4)Big Break Slot: This is another really fun slot game that is compatible across many platforms. Its design ensures that you can play this game on your computer, iPhone, tablet or Android phone. The best part is that this slot offers as many as 15 win lines. So it will be possible for you to win big even without putting in a huge wager. The jackpot is also set to a very nominal 1000 points. All the exciting rounds and features of online slots can be found at Spin Palace NZ.


Bush Telegraph: Players who prefer the classic slots look will definitely want to look into the Bush Telegraph Slot. Its minimal design caters to old school players who are not interested in the most amazing graphics. But the gameplay is as good as any other slot game and you will have a great time with it. You will find that this slot has all the features of other games without the over indulgence that one finds in modern slots.


lucky-witchLucky Witch Slot: This is a rather modern online slot that is becoming very popular due to its massive winning percentage. The highest jackpot is 20,000 coins, which is much more than other slots. Apart from the usual features, it also has stack wilds, wild multipliers in the free spins and picking bonuses. There is definitely a good chance to make a big winning.

So here is our list of the best online pokie games slots. All of these games are super fun and we can assure you that they will not leave you disappointed.

Tips on how to win more in online pokie machines

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Thursday 12 November 2015 8:33 am

Online pokie machines are simply computer programs based on a set of rules returning about 85%-97% to players on bets placed. In Australia, statistics show that there is a high number of people who play online pokies than any other casino game. Before playing this incredible casino game, it is important to understand the rules provided on how to place bets and collect wins. This is because of the reason that even with a 97% return to the player, eventually, the player will loose depending on the diminishing return laws of the online machine the player is playing at.

There are a few tips that can help you minimize your losses, have high winning chances and play for longer. For starters, understand all the game rules well. With a perfect comprehension and understanding of the rules, you can avoid making common mistakes that may cost you your winning. For instance, it is worth knowing that playing 10 lines is not different from playing 1 line for 10 times. Secondly, know that each reel spin is equal.

Higher returns in online pokie machines are found in a feature game. Additionally, the easiest way of getting a high number of feature games is by playing for long. As such, use your expertise and skills to ensure that you play for long. Playing with the lowest amount possible will make it easy for you to play for long and thereby increase your winning chances.

In online pokie machines, you should only play one line at a go. Avoid playing multiple lines as the odds of winning on those lines are by far less than when playing on a single line. Therefore, you may end up playing for as much as 4 hours and end up winning nothing. Always remember than major jackpots only appear once and therefore, when you win it once, you can be sure that that jackpot cannot be found in other lines.

5 of the most popular casino games online

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Thursday 12 November 2015 8:31 am

The internet boasts of many online casinos offering a wide range of games for you to choose and play. However amidst these many casinos are some of the most popular casino games online. As these games have the largest appeal to maximum people, they have grown considerably in popularity.

Moreover, convenience of playing online casino games, the many bonuses and features of the games and the option of playing games for free so that you can practice and learn new games have added to its popularity.

Here is a brief summary of some of the more popular online casino games:

  1. Canadian Online slots is the typical Las Vegas casino games which is the most popular game after blackjack. Many people like this game as it’s a game of pure luck, and needs no skills or strategies to play.

Moreover, there is no chance of your losing the game to someone else as this is a solo game where you play against yourself. The many bonuses offered by the game makes this game rather addictive!

  1. Card games are very popular online. There are so many types of card games available in the many online casino sites that you need to do some searching to find the best game to play with the best offers. If required, you can download new games for practice and thus prepare yourself to play a real game.
  1. Online roulette is also a simple game to play, and a favourite with beginners.
  1. Online lotto is available in many online casinos in various styles for you to choose and play.
  1. Online bingo is another simple, luck based game which is really popular. There are no skills or knowledge required to play the game as it’s a number selection game which offers great prize money.

So now that you know something about the 5 most popular casino games online, it’s left to you to decide which game you want to try your luck at! Just remember to play safe and don’t gamble money you can’t afford to lose!

A Few Interesting Facts and Figures about Australian Online Pokies

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Thursday 12 November 2015 8:29 am

Pokies are for the Australians as what slot machines are for the Americans. It’s simply a slang and simplified form of the word poker machines. These are basically computers which make use of randomized mathematical programming and will essentially pay out prizes randomly. If you are into Australian online pokies and have been playing the game for a while, then here are some interesting facts and figures which you should know about.

- As of now, around 200,000 slot machines exist in Australia, with over 100,000 of them situated in New South Wales- On average, you can expect a payout of 90.89% when playing pokie online- The highest possible jackpot you could win in a pub is $10,000- The average chance of winning the jackpot while playing 1 line is 1 in 50,000,000 and 1 in 2,500,000 for playing 20 lines- On average, a player loses around $380 per year while a problem gambler loses as much as $12,00 per year- It has been estimated that around 300,000 of all pokie gamers in Australia are problem gamblers- There is one of of 101 people in Australia who plays Australian online pokies, and around 38.6% of adult Australians play the game

In playing pokies, you should always remember that poker machines have a payout percentage of less than 100%. This simply means that you will eventually end up losing most of your money should you choose to play long enough.
Another thing to keep in mind is that every spin is random and is not affected by the previous spins. Also, each spin has the same shot at winning any prize. Simply put, even if you have lost a huge deal on the machine for a long period of time, it won’t guarantee you a pay out if you keep on playing.
There is simply no means of winning Australian pokies online in the long term. However, if you’re lucky enough and land on short term wins, the better.