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seat 1
Nicholas Bouyea
New York-born Nicholas Bouyea says, "There's always a learning experience when you play with great players. I try and notice how many pots they are in and how they play in those pots."

1. Any strategies for today?

2.Are you worried about today's final table?
seat 2
Jess Kaufmamn
From Denver, Colorado, Jess Kaufmann is both a poker dealer and a player. "My friends always think I'm lucky and it's good to be lucky, but it's better to be good."

1. Did reading poker books help your game?

2.How is the Internet changing the sport of poker?
seat 3
Phillip Matthews
Albuquerque-born Phillip Matthews has been playing poker for more than thirty years. Although he does well these days, he was none too lucky when he started out.  
seat 4
Gavin Smith
Ontario-born Gavin Smith has been a professional poker player since 1998. He was fortunate enough to meet a lot of good friends that shared a lot of good poker information with him along the way.

1. Which poker books have you read?

2.What do you think of the Ultimate Poker Challenge tournament?
seat 5
Eli Balas
Eli Balas won the 11th event of the 2004 World Series of Poker. Balas was born in Israel. He worked many years as a diamond merchant before joining the ranks of the touring pro.  
seat 6
James Van Alstyne
James Van Alstyne is a Stanford graduate and former electrical engineer who has played poker professionally for six years.  
seat 7
Jeff Stoff
From Encinadas, California, Jeff Stoff is a computer consultant playing in his first World Series event. He's started playing at age 7 competing against his family betting his allowance.

1. What do you like about poker?

2.Where do you see poker going?
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