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seat 1
Michael Ross
Michael Ross has been playing poker for 13 years. He used to get hassled for being a "gambler", but now that poker has taken off people respect him more.

1. What do you think of the Ultimate Poker Challenge Tournament?

2.Has poker always been a passion for you?
seat 2
Ken James
Ken James has been playing poker for 35 years.

1. How do you improve your own poker play?

2.Why do you prefer no limit games?
seat 3
Erik Seidel
Erik Seidel was born in NYC, where he attended Brooklyn College. He worked as a trader on Wall Street, but has made his living at the poker table. He has earned himself six World Series bracelets.

1. Erik believes that you need experience to win at the final table...

seat 4
Mike Turner
seat 5
Renee Wexler
California-born Renee Wexler says "I always look forward to playing against a table full of men. I'm not sure they give me the respect I deserve, but that's okay. It helps me. It benefits me greatly."

1. How did you get into poker?

2.What are "rain games"?
seat 6
Brian Nadell
$7,400+4k Trip
Brian Nadell is from Detroit Michigan. He moved to Las Vegas to play poker for real and has been playing for 17 years.

1. Why does it seem like poker exploded all of a sudden?

2.What do you think your table image is?
seat 7
Steve Simmons
Steve Simmons came out to Vegas originally to go to dealer school and work in the casinos. In the process, he fell in love with the game of poker.

1. Why do you love poker?

2.What is your biggest poker accomplishment?
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