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seat 1
Erik Seidel
Erik Seidel was born in NYC, where he attended Brooklyn College. He worked as a trader on Wall Street, but has made his living at the poker table. He has earned himself six World Series bracelets.

1. How do you prepare for a poker tournament?

2. How do you deal with all the new young players?
seat 2
Mel Judah
Born in India, now living in London England...Mel Judah has two World Series bracelets. He loves poker, but is also a semi-retired logger, meditation teacher, and writer.

1. How has poker changed for you?

2. How is "No Limit" different from your favorite game "Omaha High Low"?
seat 3
Dan Pugliese
Brooklyn-born Dan Pugliese says, "I've always gambled. I started gambling in grammar school, pitching pennies, flipping baseball cards, and poker probably when I was nine or ten years old. "

1. Have you noticed the increase in woman poker players?

2. Why are poker tournaments becoming so popular?
seat 4
Cong Tran
Vietnamese-born by way of Dallas Texas, Cong Tran is a veteran of numerous poker tournaments. He has an engineering degree that he currently chooses not to use, at least professionally.

1. Why do you like the Ultimate Poker Challenge tournament?

2. How do you prepare for the final table?
seat 5
Andy Bloch
Andy Bloch has a degree from MIT, Harvard Law School, and is an expert in "Game Theory," who enjoys the psychological aspects of poker. Bloch placed third in two World Poker Tour events this year.

1. What got you started in poker?

2. What did you do before getting into professional poker?
seat 6
Nicholas Bouyea
New York-born Nicholas Bouyea says, "There's always a learning experience when you play with great players. I try and notice how many pots they are in and how they play in those pots."

1. Any strategies for today?

2.What do you see for your future?
seat 7
Connie Kim
Connie Kim from Las Vegas, Nevada has been playing in the poker circuit for a while now.



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