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seat 1
Maureen Feduniak
Maureen Feduniak says, "I come from a card family. In England, people play cards. They love cards, although not poker, necessarily. So I found it quite easy to pick up the basics of the game."  
seat 2
James Van Alstyne
James Van Alstyne is a Stanford graduate and former electrical engineer who has played poker professionally for six years.  
seat 3
Allyn Jaffrey Shulman
Allyn Jaffrey Shulman is an attorney who is one of the world's leading experts on online gambling law. She is also married to Barry Shulman, the editor of Card Player magazine.  
seat 4
Max Pescatori
Max Pescatori started out playing five-card draw in his friends' homes in his native Italy. Once in America, he saw professional poker rooms and began playing seven-card stud.
1. How does being short-handed affect your play?
2. Why is it important being able to change gears?
seat 5
Todd Brunson
Texas-born Todd Brunson is the son of famed player Doyle Brunson. Todd started playing poker in college and decided to forego law school and become a professional poker player.  
seat 6
Ron Blenski
Milwaukee-born Ron Blenski says, "What I really love most about poker is the competitiveness, meeting the different types of people, the excitement and to win."  
seat 7
Jimmy Ngoc Tran
Vietnamese-born Jimmy Tran learned to play poker once he moved to America. After winning two or three tournaments in a row, he was hooked on poker.  
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