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seat 1
Nicholas Bouyea
New York-born Nicholas Bouyea says, "There's always a learning experience when you play with great players. I try and notice how many pots they are in and how they play in those pots."

1. Any strategies for today?

2.Are you worried about today's final table?
seat 2
Barry Greenstein
Barry Greenstein won the World Poker Tour at the World Poker Open 2004. He grew up in the Scottsdale neighborhood of Chicago where he excelled in math and computers in high school.

1. Why are you called the Robin Hood of poker?

2. What poker players have you learned from?
seat 3
Joe Anada
$7,400 + trip
Joe Awada is a Lebanese-born poker player who won his First World Series of Poker Bracelet in Seven-Card Stud Championship. He is the CEO of a gaming entertainment company.
1. How do you feel about all the young players?
2. What do you think about the Ultimate Poker Challenge tournament?
seat 4
Scotty Nguyen
Scotty Nguyen is one of the most aggressive poker players playing today and always plays to win, which is why he has one of the highest total tournament winnings of all time.
1. Why do you call everybody "baby"?
2. Do you like that your last name is pronounced "win"?
seat 5
John Phan
Born and raised in Vietnam, John wins big in poker while listening to trance and hip hop music on his Ipod at the poker table. He now lives in Long Beach.
1. Why are Phil Ivey and Scotty Nguyen your favorite players?
2. What do your parents think about your playing?
seat 6
James Mathews
James Matthews is an attorney from Forthworth Texas. He doesn't consider himself a professional, but has been playing poker for four years.

1. How did you learn to play poker?

2.Does being a lawyer help your poker?
seat 7
Daniel Thomas
From Lincoln Nebraska, Daniel came out with his family to Las Vegas to play in the tournament. He loves to gamble on poker, sports, you name it…

1. What's it like playing in the Ultimate Poker Challenge?

2. Does all the talking distract you?
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