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seat 1
Steve Simmons
Steve Simmons came out to Vegas originally to go to dealer school and work in the casinos. In the process, he fell in love with the game of poker.

1. Why do you love poker?

2.What is your biggest poker accomplishment?
seat 2
Jeff Rine
Originally from Detroit, Jeff Rine got into poker as a dealer, but switched over to being a player when the money got better.

1. You seem to be a quiet player at the table, right?

2. What do you like about the Ultimate Poker Challenge tournament?
seat 3
"Mickey" Seagle
Hailing from North Carolina, Dennis "Mickey" Seagle is based now in Las Vegas. He's been playing poker tournaments for over 5 years.
1. Are you ever intimidated at the table?
2. How did you end up playing in Ultimate Poker Challenge?
seat 4
John Phan
Born and raised in Vietnam, John wins big in poker while listening to trance and hip hop music on his Ipod at the poker table. He now lives in Long Beach.
1. Why are Phil Ivey and Scotty Nguyen your favorite players?
2. What do your parents think about your playing?
seat 5
Dan Pugliese
Brooklyn-born Dan Pugliese says, "I've always gambled. I started gambling in grammar school, pitching pennies, flipping baseball cards, and poker probably when I was nine or ten years old. "

1. What happened today with that last hand?

2. Did you get risky today with the cards?
seat 6
Bob Stupak
Bob Stupak was raised in the poker business watching crap games from the age of 3. He's the original owner of the Stratosphere and the long-gone Vegas World.

1. What's the bottom line with gambling?

2.Tell us about being on the cover of "Casino Journal?"
seat 7
Shawn Rice
Texas-born Shawn Rice says "Some of the best players in the world come from west Texas. Like Amarillo Slim and Bill Smith - the world champion." I used to run a pool hall for Amarillo Slim..."

1. Did you gain a lot of experience from Amarillo Slim?

2. What is your strategy for today?
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