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seat 1
Minneapolis Jim
Jim Meehan aka "Minneapolis Jim" has a reputation for being charming, but somewhat eccentric. His offbeat persona works to his considerable advantage at the poker tables.

1. How do you feel about your game today?

2. What happned with that last hand?
seat 2
Dan Hart
In addition to playing poker, Dan practices criminal law and wonders if some of the people he goes up against in court will be able to read him better because he appeared on UPC!

1. Do you think being a lawyer has helped your poker?

2. Are you nervous about going in with the lowest stack?
seat 3
Eon Marshall
Eon's nickname is "The Wizard" because he makes things happen. He tries to accomplish things that other people just can't do and he does it in a very short period of time.
1. Why do people call you "The Wizard"?
2. Did working for a government agency help your poker?
seat 4
Tahoe Andrew
His real name is Howard Andrew, but he played so much poker in Lake Tahoe, he received the nickname "Tahoe." He's played for more than half a century.
1. What are these young players coming up like?
2. Now that you got some chips, are you feeling good?
seat 5
Andy Bloch
Andy Bloch has a degree from MIT, Harvard Law School, and is an expert in "Game Theory," who enjoys the psychological aspects of poker. Bloch placed third in two World Poker Tour events this year.

1. Do you enjoy playing against Max Pescatori?

2. What got you started in poker?
seat 6
Jeffrey Shulman
Jeff and his dad own Card Player magazine, considered the bible of the poker industry. It features players, strategy, celebrities, and all things poker.

1. What's the best poker advice you ever received?

2. Do you have different strategies for different players?
seat 7
Max Pescatori
Max Pescatori started out playing five-card draw in his friends' homes in his native Italy. Once in America, he saw professional poker rooms and began playing seven-card stud.

1. What's the final table like today?

2. What is your strategy going to be?
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