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seat 1
Warren Biscoe
Pennsylvania-born Warren Biscoe was a professional blackjack player 25 years ago. "Poker is a natural gravitation from that. I've also been a stockbroker, so I like both the action and the strategy."

1. How do you deal with having a short stack?

2. What got you into poker?
seat 2
Larry Sigety
Larry "Sig" Sigety grew up playing poker and says he always made money on it, "So you have to love it." In terms of gauging his opponents: "The good players, you just gotta get 'em fast."

1. How do you stop the bullies from coming after you?

2. How do you know when to raise pre-flop?
seat 3
Max Pescatori
Max Pescatori started out playing five-card draw in his friends' homes in his native Italy. Once in America, he saw professional poker rooms and began playing seven-card stud.
1. How does being short-handed affect your play?
2. Why is it important being able to change gears?
seat 4
Shawn Rice
Texas-born Shawn Rice says "Some of the best players in the world come from west Texas. Like Amarillo Slim and Bill Smith - the world champion." I used to run a pool hall for Amarillo Slim..."

1. How did you get into poker?

2. Do you play it for the money?
3. How do you evaluate your competition?
seat 5
Steve Simmons
Steve Simmons came out to Vegas originally to go to dealer school and work in the casinos. In the process, he fell in love with the game of poker.

1. Why do you love poker?

2.What is your biggest poker accomplishment?
seat 6
Robert Bright
$7,400+4k Trip
Denver-born Bob Bright has only recently gotten into poker. "I've been in the stock market for 27 years. I figured poker is pretty much similar to the stock market. I figured I'd give it a try."

1. When the blinds are raised, how does that affect your decision?

2. Are you new to the sport?
seat 7
Kenny Robbins
Kenny Robbins looks for clues in a specific player. "When he talks a lot during a hand, he wants to get called. When he's quiet, it usually means he's bluffing."

1. Did you get any big hands today?

2. What do you watch for in other players?
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