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seat 1
Gregory Moran
seat 2
Larry Sigety
Larry "Sig" Sigety grew up playing poker and says he always made money on it, "So you have to love it." In terms of gauging his opponents: "The good players, you just gotta get 'em fast."

1. How do you stop the bullies from coming after you?

2. How do you know when to raise pre-flop?
seat 3
Chris Ferguson
He's a 2000 WSOP Champion, and a top professional poker player, both a mathematician and computer scientist with a photographic memory.

1. Why did you start playing in tournaments?

2. What is it like playing Paul Magriel aka X22?
seat 4
Paul Magriel
New York-born Paul Magriel - also known as X-22 - isn't just a poker lover. "I've been a backgammon world champion, won twice as many titles as anybody else."

1. How did you get the nickname X22?

2. Why are some people uneasy playing against you?
seat 5
Julie Liebel
California-born Julie Liebel took an early retirement from her job at the phone company and now is "trying to do the American dream."

1. Why did you enter into UPC's tournament?

2.Is it challenging playing against all the young guns?
seat 6
Karina Jett
Vietnamese-born Karina Jett got involved with poker because "My parents played poker and every night at dinner they'd tell me their bad beat stories and I'd think to myself 'Oh my God! Not again!"'

1. Do emotions play a lot into your game?

2. What do you think your chances are today?
seat 7
Kenna James
$9000 + 4k Trip
From Downey, California, Kenna James plays poker for his sons Jim and Spencer: "They help me to keep things in perspective so I know what really matters in life."

1. Who are you playing for today?

2.How is your seating position in today's game?
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