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seat 1
Jeff Stoff
California-born Jeff Stoff is a computer consultant playing his first World Series event.

1. When did you start playing regularly?

2.Where do you see poker going?
seat 2
Scotty Nguyen
Scotty Nguyen is one of the most aggressive poker players playing today and always plays to win, which is why he has one of the highest total tournament winnings of all time.
1. Why do you call everybody "baby"?
2. Do you like that your last name is pronounced "win"?
seat 3
Chip Lightman
Las Vegas-based Chip Lightman has been playing professionally for many years.  
seat 4
David Plastik
Las Vegas-based David Plastik has been playing professionally for many years. This last year seems like his best year on tour as has become a force in every event he plays in.  
seat 5
James Van Alstyne
James Van Alstyne is a Stanford graduate and former electrical engineer who has played poker professionally for six years.  
seat 6
Jeff Shulman
Jeff and his dad own Card Player magazine, considered the bible of the poker industry. It features players, strategy, celebrities, and all things poker.

1. What's the best poker advice you ever received?

2. Do you have different strategies for different players?
seat 7
"Minneapolis Jim"
Jim Meehan aka "Minneapolis Jim" has a reputation for being charming, but somewhat eccentric. His offbeat persona works to his considerable advantage at the poker tables.

1. How do you feel about your game today?

2. What happned with that last hand?
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