Brandi Williams
Named one of the 'Sexiest Women of 2005' by Femme Fatales Magazine,  Brandi Williams was born in a small town in Pennsylvania on February 13, 1982. Having lived there for 18 years, Brandi ventured out to the west coast, shortly after her high school graduation, to attend Arizona State University.  Studying fashion design, her intention was to work in the fashion industry, not in television broadcasting.  After attending a formal party in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2003 though, all of that changed.

A producer had approached Brandi and offered her a position on a local news station.  After three weeks of training, she had landed the role of Las Vegas' official entertainment reporter.  Thereafter, she was appearing on the news in the country's second largest market, Los Angeles.

After only working in the industry for two years, Brandi has hosted, and reported in 25 other shows.  She has also starred in a country music video and an independent film, which is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Currently, you can watch Brandi as she hosts the second season of 'The Ultimate Poker Challenge' and reports all of the 'vegas gossip' on many major news networks from Hawaii to Texas.  She also just finished filming a pilot for a potential new entertainment series and has interviewed for a top position on a national network.