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THE ULTIMATE POKER CHALLENGE operates on the point system. Each of the twenty-three qualifying events is actually a stand-alone tournament and will be played until there is one winner. You collect points in the qualifying event for your finishing position . Each week of the $1,000 buy-in, 60% of the buy-in goes to that week's tournament and 40% goes to the semi-final/final event. The winner of the first game will receive 100 points, which are the most points that can be awarded after any one game. Additionally, that player qualifies for the semi-finals. Note: There is no way to buy-in to the semi-final event. It is only for qualified players.

There are two ways to qualify for the semi-final/final event:

  1) Win one of the twenty-three qualifying events
2) Finish in the Top 100 point-getters.
  The chart below shows the breakdown for weekly points awarded to each game's winner.  
Weekly Points
(Top 100 in points qualify play in the semifinals)
1st 100 + Semifinal qualification
2nd 80
3rd 70
4th 65
5th 60
6th 55
7th 50
8-14th 40
15-21st 30
22-28th 20

There are also two weekly point bonuses
Chip Leader at 28 10
Chip Leader at 7 10

$100,000 of the semi-final /final monies will be used for the Top 10 in points
1st $40,000
2nd $21,000
3rd $11,000
4th $7,000
5th $6,000
6th $5,000
7th $4,000
8th $3,000
9th $2,000
10th $1,000

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