Friday, January 21, 2005

Watch Jeffrey Shulman and Minneapolis Jim duke it out on Ultimate Poker Challenge this weekend 1/22!

There is now even more fresh content up on the UPC website! This includes interviews with Jeffrey Shulman and Max Pescatori who are playing in the tournament that airs this weekend. Plus Andy Bloch gives a "Pro Poker Tip" about how to handle being short-stacked.

I think they got the RSS and Atom feed working now with this blog too. If anyone is having problems reading it, please let us know!

Lastly, I'm hoping to make an announcement within days about the exact location of the upcoming Ultimate Poker Challenge tournament. I can not wait for that!

Over and out!
-Flop Girl


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous said...

Wretched Viacom and WPSG. THEY CUT THE UPC!!! Philly is the #4 market and noone here is able to watch cause Viacom & WPSG think it'll be funny to deprive us.

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous said...

Maybe it was just preempted????

At 9:16 AM, Anonymous said...

We've begun setting up friendly games of Texas Hold 'Em at our home. I've never seen anywhere where there is a set system of increasing the blinds. We have a buy in of $1500 in chips for X amount of dollars. Anybody got any answers??? SLJ


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