Friday, January 28, 2005

Ultimate Poker Challenge airs this weekend 1/29 featuring Bob Stupak and Mickey Seagle

Yet another update to the UPC website! This includes interviews with Mickey Seagle and Shawn Rice who are playing in the tournament that airs this weekend. Plus Bob Stupak gives a "Pro Poker Tip" about how to handle winning poker tournaments.

Over and out!
-Flop Girl

Friday, January 21, 2005

Watch Jeffrey Shulman and Minneapolis Jim duke it out on Ultimate Poker Challenge this weekend 1/22!

There is now even more fresh content up on the UPC website! This includes interviews with Jeffrey Shulman and Max Pescatori who are playing in the tournament that airs this weekend. Plus Andy Bloch gives a "Pro Poker Tip" about how to handle being short-stacked.

I think they got the RSS and Atom feed working now with this blog too. If anyone is having problems reading it, please let us know!

Lastly, I'm hoping to make an announcement within days about the exact location of the upcoming Ultimate Poker Challenge tournament. I can not wait for that!

Over and out!
-Flop Girl

Friday, January 14, 2005

Ultimate Poker Challenge Episode 20 airs 1/15!

Hey All-

Check out all of the new stuff on the UPC site!

First off, watch exclusive online video interviews with our Episode 20 players if you want a taste of what's to come this weekend when the show airs on Saturday. Shawn Rice and Warren Biscoe, in particular, have some great things to say!

Daniel Negreanu gives us a new Pro Poker Tip. Plus I found out he's hosting the UPC semi-finals that air on February 12th and 19th, 2005 which will kick off with 100 players and only seven will go on to the championships on February 26th. Daniel is an amazing host and knows poker like the back of his hand. Wink Wink.

I see they’ve posted the Back Door section. It looks like it's going to be ground zero for Brandi's Corner (new photos to come), Pro Poker Tips, Card Talk terms (aka poker slang), and who knows what else!

And I hear they’re looking for a couple of good writers/poker fanatics to help out with posting poker news to this here blog. If you know somebody, please have them e-mail Jaime at [email protected]

Over and out!
- Flop Girl

Monday, January 03, 2005

Welcome to the NEW Ultimate Poker Challenge website

Hello to all fellow poker players:

I am one of the editors of the blog on the NEW Ultimate Poker Challenge (UPC) website and want to share some of the many new features. First off, we have obviously added a UPC blog to keep everyone updated on new site and TV show happenings. The UPC will be updated daily to deliver the latest UPC news, upcoming episodes and new exciting details about the NEXT TOURNAMENT!

Check out the "player's area" where you can find bios, photos, and video snippets of almost every player (that is, every player that sat down for an interview). You can find out some of their secrets and also get a taste of what the actual show is like.

The soon to be "backdoor" will be populated with all kinds of poker-related content. I can't wait for that myself!

And then don't forget to tune in for the upcoming semi-finals and finals coming in February, 2005. They say that Daniel Negreneau is hosting one of the semi-finals and the BRUNSONS (Doyle and his son Todd) are hosting the finals..... WATCH OUT!!!

- Flop Girl