•  Can I register even if I've played in another poker tournament recently?
A: Yes!
•  Are there any age or gender restrictions?
A: You must be at least 21 years of age, but both men and women are welcome!
•  Where will the games be played?
A: At the Plaza Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas.
•  Could I get a discount at the hotel if I'm a registered player?
A: Yes, discount rooms are available. For more information, call the hotel at (702) 386-2110.
•  Could I get a discount on plane fare if I'm coming from out of town and I'm a registered player?
A: Sorry, but you'll have to make your own travel arrangements.
•  What type of poker will be played?
A: Texas Hold'em and there will be no limit.
•  How long does each tournament last?
A: Each tournament is two days.
•  How do I know which bonus trip I'm playing for?
A: Each tournament will have its own specific bonus-prize trip.