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December 20th - Cash Poker

The Ultimate Poker Challenge would like to thank everyone who played in the inaugural “Cash Poker” event!!

We had a wonderful turnout of top notch poker players including Barry Goldstein, Doyle and Todd Brunson, Vanessa Rousso, Clonie Gowan and Mike Matasow, just to name a few.  Check out our player page for pics and bios.

In anticipation of this event, we at UPC went all out!  We hired 2 exceptional crews to ensure adequate coverage of both tables.  Both camera crews, jib operators and production teams worked very hard on our behalf and their dedication shines through in this production.  We would like to thank all of these talented people for doing such an amazing job. 

In addition we would like to acknowledge the very capable staff at Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel.  They provided us with the very best of their staff including two pit bosses and a crew of fantastic dealers and waitstaff.  Special thanks to Robert Thompson and Mike Sayyah for going above and beyond the call of duty.

As with any first time feature, we discovered the need to make a change or two in order for future events to run smoother for our players.  In this spirit we hereby announce that there will no longer be an alternate table. 

We originally created an alternate table as a back up in case our featured players decided to quit the game and go home early.  As Dec 20th’s game progressed, we clearly saw that our players came to play poker and they had no interest in leaving early.   Of our 9 original alternates and the 5 last minute walk-ins, only 5 were able to get into the televised game.   Because of this we have decided to eliminate the alternate table and instead allow only 4 official alternates to pre-register for each game as a stand-by

We would like to extend an official apology to anyone who was inconvenienced by bad judgment calls mid game.   We will only be allowing two tables of nine players each to participate in future Cash Poker games thus eliminating any possibility of recurring problems.  As everything else went as smooth as ice, we look ahead to our January 11th game with great anticipation!

Aside from these minor ‘hollywood’ problems, we were very excited with how the actual game progressed.  Looking through the tapes of amazing poker plays and hot high stakes action, we can’t wait to assemble these shows and present them to the public.   The very first show airs on January 12th.  Click here for a schedule in your area.

Thanks again to all of our players.  We look hope to see you at our January 11th event!!

Cash poker will bring televised poker to a new level while elevating the prestige
of poker players – stay tuned.


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