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Cash Poker


Game Dates
December 20th 2006
January 11th 2007
February 1st 2007
February 21st 2007
March 15th 2007
April 6th 2007
April 26th 2007
May 2007
How to Register
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How To Register

The Guidelines

1. Minimum buy-in is $25,000, maximum is $100,000 + $1000 fee
2. Minimum short buys $10,000 w/ no fee
3. $25 antes, $75-$150 blinds
4. You must play a minimum of four hours, unless you lose. The action starts at 3 pm sharp on the date of the tournament, and will end at midnight.
5. There will be a 10 minute break every 90 minutes
6. Players may eat and drink at the table, and table service is available
7. One sponsor gear per player is allowed
8. 1 player will win their bankroll via internet tournaments
9. Seats will be selected at random on the day of the tournament during official buy in.
10. The players from table one and table two will switch places every 90 min. so
that both tables get ample air time. If we have enough alternates that wish
to play, we will arrange a third table.  This table will be refered to as
the 'must move' table and will not be switched to the featured table.  These
players will only move to the main tables when a featured player decides to
leave.  These alternates will not have to pay the $1,000 entry fee unless
they are moved to the featured table.
For additional information about Binion’s Casino Super Satellite please call 800/622-6468

Thank you for your interest, and best of luck at the game!

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