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Brandon Adams 
Brandon Adams is the author of Broke: A Poker Novel and the coauthor (with Brian Finn) of The Story of Behavioral Finance. He's a regular in high-stakes cash games. He made the final table of the 2005 Tournament of Champions and the 2006 $10k Circuit Event in Tunica. Brandon is a doctoral student at Harvard. He teaches a popular course in behavioral finance to Harvard undergraduates. He's a regular columnist for Bluff Magazine.


Bob Bright 
Bob Bright earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and then spent several years as an executive for Johns-Manville Corporation. In 1974 he quit his job, packed up family, and moved to Las Vegas. His dream was to become a Professional Blackjack Card Counter. In the next 3-4 years he earned significant amounts from the casinos which resulted in him being “barred” from many venues. He then joined the Pacific Stock Exchange and began trading computer modeled option strategies (many of which he designed himself from his blackjack math models). Today, Bob is a well respected man of the finance world. He owns a very profitable trading company and employs several well known poker pros. He considers himself a student of the game of poker and loves to play against the best players in the world.


Eric Cagelais 
Eric is a professional poker player from French Canada.


Di Dang 
Di 'Z' Dang began playing poker in a home game against his friends. He got the bug and began to study hard; reading books, magazines, and forums. Two years later has him playing online, usually 8 to 12 simulatenous high stakes cash games. He is looking forward o getting some live experience under his belt and hopes to play well against the big names.


Eric Doerr 
No Bio Information Available


Gabriel Thaler 
Gabriel Thaler is a professional poker player. Originally from California’s beautiful coastal city of Carmel, Gabriel now lives in Las Vegas. He has made one final table at the WSOP and has finished in the money at the WSOP six times.


Kenny Tran 
Kenny is a professional poker player, well respected in the cash game circuit. He usually plays in Los Angeles at Commerce.

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